"For on Mount Zion and in Jerusalem There will be Those Who Shall Escape..."

Urgent Message: Danger at the 2012 London Olympics


1.  Operation Homeward calls on all people, Jews and Gentiles to avoid the London 2012 Olympics and to also avoid being in the London area during the time of the Olympics. There is strong possibility that a terrible false flag attack will take place at the Olympic Stadium and in the London Underground rail system. Over 100,000 people could be killed, G-d forbid.



2.  Many classic Jewish sources indicate that the present Jewish year of 5772 is a very momentous year in the “Redemption Process”.  Certain sources indicate that the Ninth day of the Jewish month of Av (Tisha B’Av) of this year is particularly significant.  (A Hebrew booklet, “Sode HaChasmal” by Rabbi Yekutiel Fish of Jerusalem contains a compilation of these Torah sources and can be downloaded. Contact: 26@bezeqint.net)



3.  The calendar date of the “Ninth of Av” begins on Friday evening, July 27th. This also begins the Jewish Sabbath (Friday night until Saturday night). Since the observance of the Sabbath (Shabbat) takes precedence, the somber observance of the fast day of “Tisha B’Av” (the Ninth of Av) will begin following the Sabbath. The Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics begins on Friday night, July 27th, at 9pm -- the beginning of the Sabbath, the Ninth of Av.



4.  Traditionally, Tisha B’Av has been a day of historical tragedy for the Jewish People in particular, and the world in general.  The First and Second Jewish Temples in Jerusalem were destroyed on Tisha B’Av. The First World War which cost the lives of 20 million people began in 1914 on Tisha B’Av. Scholars agree that the First World War became the precursor to the Second World War and to the Holocaust, which claimed another 60 million lives. On Tisha B’Av in 1290 CE, the Jews were expelled from England.



5.  Many international researchers have been warning about a false flag operation at the London Olympics. Much of this can be found on the Internet/YouTube by searching “London Olympics False Flag or Conspiracy” Conspiracy investigators claim that July 27, or August 4, or August 11 are prime dates planned for the attack. All of these dates fall on the Sabbath. Therefore, in addition to our general warning to every person planning to be at the Olympics, we are hereby warning Jews in particular, not to desecrate the Shabbat by being there. Rather, every Jew should realize that just as he “guards the Shabbat, so will the Shabbat guard him,” from harm.



6.  Operation Homeward calls on the Israeli Olympic Team to “guard” the Shabbat by vacating the Olympic area and observing the entire Shabbat day through prayer and ritual meals -- in a location far from the Olympic district. (This also applies to being absent from the Olympics during the following fast-day of Tisha B’Av). The current decision of the Israeli Team, representing Israel and the Jewish People, to parade into the Olympic Stadium, holding the Israeli/Jewish flag during the Opening Ceremony which falls on the Shabbat/Ninth of Av, July 27 is a desecration of national proportions, and therefore, very dangerous. While the violation of Sabbath is very severe for any individual Jew, the blatant public violation of the Shabbat by the representatives of G-d’s Chosen People IN THE EYES OF THE WORLD, is extremely severe.


   The Space Shuttle carrying returning Israeli astronaut Ilan Rimon entered the earth’s atmosphere and exploded. Ilan was a proud and believing Jew who represented Israel and the Jewish People.  In spite of his “secular” exterior, he did many great things while in space, that showed his deep faith and commitment as a Jew.  Unfortunately, the Shuttle’s landing in Florida was scheduled for Shabbat.  Representatives of Israel were waiting at the landing site, in front of the world’s cameras, with a great sense of national pride and delight – but, unfortunately, also with a blatant disregard for the Holy Shabbat. The terrible explosion of the Shuttle and the horrifying deaths of the astronauts shocked the Jewish People and the world. Could there be a message here for us?



7.   If a terrible attack at the London Olympics does occur, G-d forbid, there will be an awesome loss of life and a major trauma throughout the world. This trauma could become the catalyst for other dreadful events to follow: A war of the Western Nations against Iran as the, “sponsor of the Olympic terror attack”;  A confrontation between the US and Russia; The sudden enforcement of  emergency laws (already on the books) that will turn the Western democracies into police states; The controlled, deliberate collapse of the dollar and Euro; The loss of jobs and homes resulting in chaos and rioting in the streets; The implementation of martial law “to restore order”; The forced transportation of civilians to FEEMA detention/concentration camps in the USA; and of course, a sharp rise in anti-Semitism throughout the world.



8.  The Jewish People, as HaShem’s (G-d’s) Chosen People, have the universal mission of being a “light unto the nations.” The Jewish People have been assigned to be the spiritual leaders of the world, making us responsible for much of what happens.  Our job is the spiritual rectification – of ourselves and all humanity (tikkun olam)  -- leading all the nations towards the “Final Redemption”.  This can only be accomplished when the Jewish People live in the Land of Israel according to HaShem’s Laws in the Torah.



9.   Refusal to leave the Exile (the Diaspora, the lands outside of Israel) is blatant disregard of HaShem’s (G-d’s) Universal Plan. It negates the Jewish Destiny and is a blatant contradiction to the entire Plan of Creation. When the Jewish People refuse to leave the Exile willingly, G-d is “forced” to move us out in less pleasant ways – the likes of which we witnessed seventy years ago.  If a Jew rejects his home in Israel for a comfortable life in the Exile; if he places his family’s destiny, not with the Jewish People in Israel but in the foreign lands of the Gentiles, Divine Providence pays him back, “measure for measure”. He will suffer the fate of his host nation and not share in the miraculous salvation of those who have placed their fate with “Am Yisrael” in G-d’s Holy Land.  When the “Night of the Long Knives” arrives, no one will be there to hear his cry. It doesn’t matter how religious he is, how long his beard is, or how much he cries out in prayer – it didn’t save him in the Holocaust and it won’t save him now.



10.  We are deep into the era leading to what Judaism calls, “The Final Redemption”. Jewish sources compare this era to a woman in birth; as the moment of birth comes closer, the contractions become more frequent and the pain becomes more intense. We can see this today, with the startling increase of natural and man-made disasters throughout the world. Yet, is does not necessarily have to be this way. If the Jewish People follow G-d’s Plan earnestly, by returning to the Land of Israel and observing His Torah; if the Gentile nations turn away from their false gods by recognizing HaShem and following the Seven Noachide Laws, the intense pain and suffering will be replaced by intense joy and blessing. This choice is completely in our hands – it affects not only us personally – but also the entire world.



11.  The horrifying events forecasted for the London Olympics can be averted if enough people turn in prayer and repentance to G-d. If, G-d forbid, these terrible things are carried out by a worldwide cabal of powerful and evil people, it is only because HaShem has allowed them to do so – as part of a Divine Judgment to awaken us. In the end, mankind will arrive at that wonderful and joyous time of “Redemption”, where spiritual and material blessings and goodness will encompass all humanity. The question is: Which path will we take to get there?



12. Operation Homeward calls on every Jew to come home to Israel – as soon as possible -- before it becomes too difficult, and too late.Operation Homeward recommends that Jews throughout the world consider transferring their money to Israeli Banks and converting these funds into Israeli shekels,  to buy a home in Israel, before the inevitable collapse of the Western financial System. Operation Homeward recommends that all Jews contact the Nefesh B’Nefesh Aliyah Organization to begin the planning and process of Aliyah to Israel.

May G-d be with you.